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“Mick helped me out with my MSc Zoo Conservation Biology thesis. The focus was African lion behavior and the effects of visitor presence on animal welfare. I began this project with a basic understanding of R and even less understanding of how to tackle the data analysis. Mick’s patience, positive input, and knowledge base are what I found most helpful. He went above and beyond by teaching and walking me through each and every step. No matter how trivial the question, he was always happy to help and explain. Furthermore, Mick was extremely prompt and quick to respond despite his own personal schedule and the international time difference. This greatly helped me in meeting quickly approaching deadlines and progressing with my thesis in a timely fashion. Lastly but most importantly, Mick’s knowledge base of different forms of statistcal testing and data analysis was of great help. His attention to detail and knowledge of the intricate nuances caused by confounding factors greatly improved the accuracy of my data analysis. Overall, I would highly recommend Mick for any student wanting to learn about the process of data analysis.”
Delcie Thankachan, M.Sc. @ Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK.

“I contacted Mick Wu several times concerning statistical issues. When I had data I didn’t know how to analyze or that didn’t fulfill the conditions of the most obvious tests, I asked for his opinion on the matter. He managed, every time, to find a way to statistically analyze the data without breaking any conditions, in order to have an honest result. Next time I need help with my statistical analyses, I won’t hesitate to contact him one more time!”
Anonymous researcher @ Natural Resources Canada, Canada

“Dr Wu propose des analyses statistiques qui répondent précisément aux hypothèses testées et ses interprétations sont claires même lorsque les tests utilisés sont complexes. Chaque fois que nous avons fait appel à son expertise en statistique nous avons trouvé les informations qu’il nous fallait pour pouvoir publier des résultats analysés correctement.”
Dr Guy Boivin, Chercheur @ Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Canada

“I’d been to two stats consultants before explaining my project to Mick. My previous experiences weren’t very helpful because it took a while to get on the same page about what I was trying to assess; then both were a bit stumped and I was sent away with a lot of references to read, but no clear answers about how to actually complete the analyses with the statistical program I was using. Mick understood what I was asking about immediately and offered concrete, helpful suggestions. He is extremely knowledgeable and has the ability to explain advanced statistical analyses in a clear and concise manner. He also looked at my data file in the statistical program I was using and helped me out with the practical steps of how to properly specify my model and enter variables. Afterwards, he remembered a question we had discussed and sent me a brief reference that explained the answer in a simple way. I’d recommend seeing Mick to anyone. It’s so easy to waste a lot of time feeling confused and overwhelmed with statistics, or being unsure as you redo analyses in various ways. Mick will help you to get moving forward in an efficient way. He’s also a very nice and approachable guy, which I found to be a big bonus when I was worried about asking questions I thought might sound stupid. Great experience overall! :)”
Marlena Szpunar, Ph.D. @ Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada

“Mick m’a généreusement aidé dans la réalisation de statistiques au cours de mes études de maîtrise. Possèdant une passion inébranlable pour les sciences et les mathématiques, il a réussi toujours à résoudre les problèmes les plus complexes. Il possède de également de grandes qualités, dont la patience et le souscis du détail, ce qui lui permet d’exceller dans ce domaine. De plus, ces explications claires et précises m’ont permis d’accroître mes connaissances dans cette discipline.”
Marie-Pier Lepage M.Sc. @ Université de Montréal, Montréal, Canada

“Entièrement satisfaite de l’aide reçue pour comprendre et appliquer tel ou tel test statistique à mes données. Les statistiques me paraissaient relativement plus simple après avoir consulté et le service personnalisé est génial.”
Émilie Lessard, M.Sc. student @ McGill University, Montréal, Canada

“I met Mick during a graduate modelling course at SFU in 2009. He was one on the lectures/instructors. It was the best introduction of R software I could have ever had. He explained everything very clearly and was right there when I needed any assistance.”
Henry Murillo, Ph.D. student @ Windsor University, Windsor, Canada

“Mick did an excellent job at introducing us into the world of R. He was very patient and very clear in his explanations. I would highly recommend him as a teacher/consultant.”
Sandra Flores-Mejia, Ph.D. student @ Laval University, Quebec, Canada